If you have followed the recent studies and polls, you might have noticed that mobile email usage is about to pass that of desktop computers.

How does the delivery format change?

If you are on the 49Above Marketing newsletter list, you might have noticed that e-mails do look professional, well laid out and fit to your devices’ screen – mobile or PC.

Mobile devices have different layout requirements for e-mails to display correctly and look appealing to the recipient even on a much smaller screen.

Here a few things you might want to consider when thinking about updating your e-mail marketing campaigns:

The Code

You certainly want your e-mails to be displayed in HTML on a mobile device to enhance its presentation and messaging!

Keep in mind to prepare your HTML code with an additional set of style sheets (@media ), which will allow a content presentation optimized for mobiles if the target device recognizes the @media tag.

Mobile devices not capable of recognizing the @media style sheets will display the e-mail in your default layout.

General Layout Options

  • Apple and Microsoft mobile devices work with touch screens. In order to make links clickable in your email, make sure that you have the “touch tarket areas” big enough. Microsoft suggest a minimum of 38×38 pixles and Apple 44×44 pixels.
  • Use high resolution images, as email recipients will see images in the highest resolution possible when using the @media tag.
  • Update the CSS used in your e-mails to avoid IE scaling, which makes your images look crooked and unclear.

Here is the CSS tag you need to use:

-ms-interpolation-mode: bicubic;