$1.3 trillion in 2016 – That’s what US Hispanics’ buying power is today according to a Facebook research.

With this annually increasing number of purchasing power, its time for marketers to connect with this audience on their terms.
According to the Facebook research, there seem to be different usage levels of English and Spanish in individuals, which can broadly be divided into Spanish dominant, Bilingual or of course English dominant, based on questions made about language proficiency, cultural openness and cultural engagement.

When it comes to consuming products and services, participants of the study who self-identified as Spanish dominant shoppers stated that they look to receive information in Spanish in order to make the right purchase decision.

Just speaking Spanish is not enough

Translating English web content and marketing material often results in either too loose or too literal translations of the original and misses the cultural and contextual adaptation in Spanish. Just as marketing in U.S. English and its cultural settings, there is as well a cultural relevancy in Spanish for U.S. Hispanics that more than often gets lost in translation.

How brands with Spanish advertisements are perceived

Perception of brands that advertise in Spanish

Apparently, US Hispanics do perceive brands that advertise in Spanish in a more favorable way and like marketing content to be culturally relevant. One possibility to achieve this could be the inclusion of culturally specific elements in e.g. brand videos.

When building a communications strategy and defining the audiences, Facebook comes to marketers help. Finding U.S. Hispanics of all language preference levels can be easily achieved with a very effective tool  available to advertisers.

Facebook multicultural_affinity

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