• Youtube Advertising

YouTube Advertising – Video Ads

YouTube is Google’s paid video advertising program and with it, your video ad will play before appropriate YouTube videos and may be suggested in the sidebar of the site’s search and watch pages.

YouTube Ad Formats:

Auction Video Ads (Trueview) – cost-per-view (CPV)

Best for a nimble execution and driving reach plus engagement

In AdWords, you can create TrueView Video Ads which allow you to pay only when viewers choose to watch your ad. Choose from in-display or in-stream TrueView ads.

With TrueView or Cost Per View (CPV) video you can:

  • Maximize your reach – show your ad on YouTube and the Google Display Network
  • Control your spend – pay only when viewers select to watch your ad
  • Create targeted ads – show ads to a relevant audience based on demographics, interests or keywords
  • Engage your audience – use captivating online visual and audio ads
  • Track campaign performance – see how ads are doing using analytics
 Youtube InStream Ad

Youtube InDisplay Ad

Youtube InDisplay Ad

Homepage Masthead – cost-per-day (CPD)

Best for huge reach and engagement with custom creative

Masthead Video Ads are a prominent and exclusive placement to showcase your brand on YouTube. The YouTube Desktop Custom Masthead is a 970×250 pixel in-page unit.

With Masthead ads, you can:

  • Have more control and buy
    impressions at a fixed rate
  • Show high-visibility ads on your
    YouTube homepage
  • Increase brand awareness with
    reservation advertising
  • Drive brand awareness with
    campaigns that reach a wider audience
 YouTube Homepage Masthead


Lightbox Ads – cost-per-engagement (CPE)

Best for connecting with the right customers and captivating audiences


Lightbox ads are a suite of interactive rich media ad formats which automatically resize to fit all screens, and can incorporate assets from YouTube.

With Lightbox ads you can:

  • Avail of easy to customize ad units
  • Pay only when viewers choose to engage with your ad
  • Use auto-optimization
  • Capitalize on already created
    masthead pieces by reusing them
    in the Lightbox format


 YouTube One Lightbox

YouTube Multiple Lightbox

International Markets

The 49ABOVE MARKETING GROUP provides merchants with national and international YouTube campaigns in English, German or Spanish speaking target markets around the globe.

Learn more about targeting international markets here.

Why 49Above Marketing Group?

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We have been working with 49Above Marketing Group as our digital marketing provider since 7 years now and have seen significant growth in new customers as well as our customer efforts. 49Above Marketing is in charge of all our marketing efforts.
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Romey Ledesma, CEO, Univer Global

Flexible Ad Spend Requirements

Our marketing managers are able to work with flexible budgets. Our focus is on your ROI, no matter what size your advertising budget is.

Established Agency Since 9 Years

49ABOVE MARKETING GROUP is an internationally recognized agency and has managed millions in advertising Dollars over the years.

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