Google AdWords – Paid Search Marketing

1.) Starting the ROI Positive Process

  • Study of your business model, your industry, your products and services.
  • Review current campaigns for improvements and untabbed opportunities.
  • Define core metrics to measure performance.
  • Build a “mean and lean” test campaign to measure rankings & responses.
  • Evaluate response & efficiency.
  • Adjust test campaign according to response and re-test.
  • Consult with client to discuss next steps.

2.) Optimizing Search Campaigns 

AdWords search campaigns are optimized on an ongoing basis in order to deliver the highest performance possible. This process consists of:

  • Optimizing bids.
  • Adjusting mobile device bidding.
  • Adding & removing keywords as needed.
  • Testing & implementing ad copy variations.
  • Extending campaign reach.

Working closely with the client, all campaigning is targeted at a positive ROI result to be reflected in key performance indicators like conversion rate, cost per converted click and overall CPA .

3.) Optimizing Landing Pages

Once Google AdWords search campaigns deliver acceptable results, we work with the client to determine further optimization opportunities on the website or landing page.

  • A/B split testing.
  • Evaluate test results.
  • Discuss adjustments.
  • Re-test to optimize conversion rate.

We have worked with clients from a wide variety of industries and offer insights, gained from this experience, to enhance your marketing results.

4.) Extending Marketing Channels

With Google AdWords campaigns and landing pages delivering on set goals, it’s time to venture out and add additional marketing channels.

  • Google Display Network.
  • Remarketing campaigns.
  • Google Shopping Feed.
  • Youtube Advertising.
  • Bing / Yahoo Ads.
  • Facebook Ads.

International Markets

The 49Above Marketing Group provides merchants with both – localized AND international PPC search marketing campaigns in English, German or Spanish speaking target markets in Europe and Latin America, as well.

Learn more about targeting international markets overseas here.

Why 49Above Marketing Group?

  • Google AdWords Partner Agency
  • Google Certified Account Managers
  • Advertising in English, German & Spanish
  • 9 Years Google Advertising Experience
  • International Advertising Available
  • Multilingual Support

Our Certifications

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We have been working with 49Above Marketing Group as our digital marketing provider since 7 years now and have seen significant growth in new customers as well as our customer efforts. 49Above Marketing is in charge of all our marketing efforts.
Charles Savard, CEO, Grafica T-Shirts Inc.
I want to thank the staff at 49Above Marketing Group for helping manage and further develop our Affiliate program. You’ve allowed me to get back to growing the business. We’re seeing consistent growth from this channel, because of your efforts.
Jim Murphy, CEO, PhonePower
It is a pleasure having 49Above Marketing Group as our marketing provider. We have obtained very good results with their expertise and their professionalism is outstanding. They always deliver projects efficiently and in a timely manner.
Romey Ledesma, CEO, Univer Global

Flexible Ad Spend Requirements

Our marketing managers are able to work with flexible budgets. Our focus is on your ROI, no matter what size your advertising budget is.

Established Agency Since 9 Years

49ABOVE MARKETING GROUP is an internationally recognized agency and has managed millions in advertising Dollars over the years.

No (!) Lengthy Contracts

We believe clients will stay with us, because the exceptional results we deliver and our outstanding customer service are making the difference to them.