Easier said then done, right? The paid search market in Google, Bing, etc. is highly competitive across almost all industries and it’s difficult to stand out and get customers’ attention. The same is true for social media marketing in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the likes, which requires tremendous manpower and effort to do it right.

How your marketing efforts can be more effective

Below are a few key items to keep in mind when building a better performing marketing program for your brand.

  1. Know your target audience

    – Who is my target audience and how do they buy online?
    – What buying decisions do they make -informed or ad hoc?
    – Who influences my target audience?
    – How is my brand perceived in my target audience’s perception? (Get professional branding advice on this one).

  2. Build brand relationships

    Every company has 2 basic marketing needs:

     A constant influx of new clients.
     Maintenance of the current customer base to keep them buying (Increasing customer lifetime value).

    In order to achieve the above 2 goals it’s needless to say that customer service, shipping times, return policies, etc. are working like a Swiss clock – flawless that is.

    However, when it comes to branding your company, there are additional items of no lesser importance.

    A.) Reiterate to your target audience what your company does or what your product is all about.

    In our case, we are a leading digital marketing agency, specialized in paid search marketing, social advertising, video marketing and digital branding. And we let everyone know about it. Even our logo tagline features this key message of what we do.

    B.) Be authentic and credible

    Educate your customers about your industry and where it is trending. This will establish your company as a trusted resource that clients are consulting when time is right to make a purchase decision.  This could be a blog, an e-book, whitepapers, etc. At the same time it’s important to live up to marketing claims and show that your company stands by its commitment towards the customer or prospect.

    C.) Be present wherever your target audience prefers to “hang out” in the digital world.

    No matter if your target audience can be found on Facebook, Google, Bing or out there on the web reading news and blog articles; your brand can be omnipresent! To achieve a personalized branding experience throughout the buying cycle re-marketing campaigns, specific site targeting or behavioral targeting methods can be applied.

    Effective media channels are e.g. video or display ads in content networks in conjunction with frequency caps to avoid over exposure and ad fatigue.

  3. Have a stellar web presence

    These days customers use a variety of devices to access the internet and to read websites. If a website still looks like from 2001, the assumption is products and service are outdated as well.

    There are a few items that can make or break the deal:

    A.) Have a responsive website that displays a mobile optimized version for users with smartphones or tablets, allowing for easy purchases on these devices.

    B.) Offer quality, high resolution and professional  imagery of your products.

    C.) Provide an easy to navigate site structure for desktop and mobile providing a painless checkout process

    D.) Offer a large enough selection of payment options to accommodate your customers needs.

  4. E-mail marketing still works just fine

    Since not all of your clients visit your website regularly, it’s important to reach out by e-mail and inform them about new products or services and entice them to visit your website again. Build a list of quality e-mail contacts and boost your brand recognition with relevant content about specific subjects important to your customers or even provide them with a little token of appreciation like a coupon, preferred pricing on popular products or a sneak preview at a new product.