Get Your Brand Noticed In 2016

Easier said then done, right? The paid search market in Google, Bing, etc. is highly competitive across almost all industries and it's difficult to stand out and get customers' attention. The same is true for social media marketing in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the likes, which requires tremendous manpower and effort to do it right. [...]

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New Google Search Features

Google is moving ahead with its push on everything mobile. Yesterday (Tuesday, May 05, 2015) during a live stream the company announced a number of new mobile search features to be launched across the U.S. and internationally sometime this year. New mobile ads containing images of the product were showcased during the live presentation featuring [...]

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How does Google re-marketing work?

Maybe you have visited an online store or another e-commerce website and noticed later that you increasingly saw their advertising banners all over the internet. If so, you got yourself signed up for the remarketing list of that particular merchant and are now being tracked by a cookie on your machine, resulting in advertising (that only you [...]

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Mature Markets – gain comes from existing customers

Thriving businesses in mature markets Maybe your business has been in the industry for a while and your product has passed the stage from a novelty, disruptive product to a mainstream product, as the market matured in the meantime. Back in the days of hyper growth your business was busy shipping out products at the [...]

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Disruptive Products – and those who are not

Almost every new start-up that emerges from one of the many incubators these days claims to "disruptive", meaning it considers itself an element that provides a "new order"  for the market its in. Although this is a common claim used by company executives, it proves to be rather incorrect upon closer inspection. In general there are 2 types [...]

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Product Positioning & Differentiation of “disruptive Products” on Mainstream Markets

In this blog post we want to explore how disruptive products can be positioned on the mainstream B2C E-Tailer market and therefore we´ll start with a short introduction to product positioning in digital markets. Since we don´t want to establish a case study, all hypothetical elements are possible scenarios and not written in stone. The model is to [...]

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Building sustainable customer interactions

Building sustainable conversations & interactions with the existing client base can be challenging for some companies, since today´s customers are literally bombarded with possibilities, offers and pricing options. Now, this is the precise moment when customer experience management starts to play an important role. According to an unofficial study about customer experience management, the average customer [...]

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